‘Smile’: Ape Revolution Bell debut single on AltRo Records

Ape Revolution Bell is a modern rock band from Dubrovnik, Croatia. In 2021 they went to Florida to
record their debut album at Bobby Croft studio (Dereck Trucks band) on his invitation. The album, consisting of 10 songs, was then mastered by Jack Miele (multi gold and platinum winning producer and engineer) and it is now ready to be released.

One of the biggest strengths of the band is the ability to write and perform on a strong and convincing English therefore there is no limit to where the band can play. The six members band, is also a strong live act, capable of playing all of recorded arrangements and ready to play an hour and a half long live set. Two lead vocals, two backing vocals, three guitarists, keyboardist, drummer and a bass player, is a set up that guarantees a full album experience.

Dubrovnik seems to have a spring for talent, so much that the individuals from various quality acts have gathered up to work on a project that will take them half way around the globe. Ape Revolution Bell is a project with the intetion to showcase and point out what is going on here and now. ‘Smile’ represents this movement of Dubrovnik’s young creative minds.

‘Smile’, the first single from the namesake album, is a song made up of two sentences: it is an anthem to life and freedom of spirit. It was recorded in Florida with the help of an American singer Kim Loverin. After hearing the song form his friend Bobby Croft, Guns N’ Roses road manager Ron Mesh said that the band has a world class hit on the album. So the band decided to pursue success with it, recording a music video for the single, and release it on the Italian record label Altro Records.

‘Smile’ official music video

‘Smile’ on Spotify

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