LATO brand new single ‘Camouflage’

LATO brings together different influences blending them into an original form of rock. Vocals,
guitars and rhythm section carefully entwine with a touch of ‘electronica’, and ethnic vibes go
hand in hand with a natural propensity for psychedelia.
LATO is the result of a long underground experience that has allowed the band to reach a
mature, extremely expressive and sophisticated sound.
A few years after the release of ‘Out of the Dark’, the new album ‘KARISMA’ is on its way led
by the release of the single ‘Machine Head Warning’ on May-13-2022 and now by a second
single release with the song ‘Camouflage’ on Sept-13-2022.

The powerful guitar riffs land on a bass line with a funk vibe and the drums make the song
roll away smoothly without a halt. The organ gives that 60s beat atmosphere and the bluesy
melodic vocals tightly wrap up the song. The groove is always the driving force even for this
second single from LATO’s upcoming album “Karisma”, where 60s sounds continuously melt
and hide behind rock and roll and psychedelia, remerging now and then to create a sonic
camouflage. The lyrics echo the music: some people build their reputation and charisma
disguised behind ambiguous words, and constantly change their point of view in pursuit of
popular consent. Careful though! If you’re always hiding behind a mask, you may also forget
your true nature and lose yourself!

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