Matt Waldon to release a brand new album on Altro Records

Singer/songwriter Matt Waldon is going to release his fourth solo album on AltRo Records. He is a modern songwriter who basically moves in an alternative  folk-rock soundscape, carefully conveying his musical message also thanks the wide range of shades of this musical field. ‘Not Too Late’ is nothing more than a story of life, largely lived, or at least known. 11 tracks for 11 authentic stories, because they are always rooted in the artist’s personal and in his daily life. Experiences then appropriately colored and masterfully brought to the scene. 
With this new album Matt Waldon, wants to grow further through a new approach to his music production and communication and therefore, to his career.
The release of ‘Not too Late’ will follow an alternative path: from 22 September it will be available only in physical CD format and from October-25-2022 it will be available on digital-stores Worldwide.

‘Boy’ is the single taken from Matt Waldon upcoming album and it has been released in advance exclusively as a music video.

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